Huge update release date

Oct 9, 2017 | 0 comments

The depth of the new features in the new update is so deep that it looks rather like Football Tactics 2 than an average update. That’s why it took so much time. However, the polishing is going to its end. Finally, we can tell you the release date: 20th of October, Friday.
On the weekend after release, you will be able to dive into exploring the new classes, specializations, new abilities, new mechanics etc.

We still have two weeks to polish the released version. And we need your help.


Translating the game

On the course of development the game in the Early Access, some players helped us to translate Football Tactics to their native languages. And we very grateful to them.

But after few updates, some of the players weren’t able to find free time to translate the game. So we can’t support these languages.

However, if you want Football Tactics to be playable on your native language, and if you can help to translate it or you know people who would do it – write me, please. The translation process is very simple, you only have to know English and your native language.

My email: kos @ creoteam .com [delete spaces]

The people who translated the update will get a free game’s key + their name in the credits.

We need help for the following languages:

  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese-Brazilian

Recording the beta-version

For the next update, we remade the tutorials because there is much more information players need to be able to make strategical and tactical decisions. It is very important for novice players.

However, we (developers) and the players who played beta-version are not new to the game, we are not sure how the new tutorial will be perceived by those who play Football Tactics for the first time.

So, if you know any streamers/youtubers (not necessarily popular) who would be able in the near time to record playing the campaign in the beta-version, give them my email. I’ll add them a free game key.


Final question

If you didn’t play beta, are you going to continue playing your old campaign after the game updates? If so, how old is your club? It would be interesting to look at the screenshots of your teams.