Beta Update #6 – Beautiful Pitches

Feb 2, 2019 | 0 comments

Despite we the gameplay has a higher priority for us, we also want the game to look attractive. After all, when you see something you can believe in, you feel more connected to what happens in the game, to your footballers, and to your team. Thus, the graphics support the emotions.

Therefore, two years ago we created our very powerful Faces editor. Therefore, one year ago, we created the animations of goal celebrations (which allowed us to show the faces closer). And therefore, the last few months we have been working on creating beautiful grass.

There are still some problems to be solved. For example, the grass is not very correctly displayed on the kick off and penalties. Anyway, now, playing in beta, you can forget about the blurred green texture, which was just ugly.

And most importantly, when we add such features, we do it as a part of some bigger plan. For example, we want you to be able to watch replays, control the camera freely so that you can feel your players better.

Creating faces was the first step to this. Creating 3D grass was the second one. Thanks to your support, we will continue moving forward in making the great football experience which no other game provides.


Now, you can see realistic grass when the camera moves closer to the pitch. Depending on the weather and the level of the stadium, the pitch will be either beautiful, dirty or snowy.

We are aware that some players play on weak computers. Therefore, we have provided an option to disable 3D grass. The picture will look much worse, but better than it was all the time before.

Known issues:
– In most cases, the colours of the grass will differ from the grass you see at a great distance.
– During the kick off the grass looks blurry.
– During the penalty, interface elements intersect the goalkeeper. Also, the grass is blurry.

All of these problems will be fixed in further beta updates.



  • Fixed the crash when a player created more than 20 teams in a league.
  • Removed the possibility to create an odd number of the teams in a league.
  • Fixed the problem which made the Team Editor show the default faces of the selected country instead of the custom set of faces.


  • Fixed the bug which sometimes affected the AI to return to the default defensive position and therefore to open the space for the opponent’s Cannon Shot.
  • Added a new set of sounds for testing purposes. They are not final.





Click on Football, Tactics & Glory in your Steam library with the right mouse button. Select “Properties”. In the appeared window open the last tab and select “beta – winter update”.



The access to the Beta is opened for everyone who owns the game.

While default version is polished and without known bugs, the Beta has new features but there might be bugs, crashes, bad or absent translations, other issues. We try our best to keep Beta as polished as possible, but it’s Beta after all.

By the links, you can find the features which were added to the Beta:

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