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Based in Kyiv, Ukraine

Founding date:
September 19, 2005


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Table of Content

  1. Description
  2. History
  3. Released Games
  4. Awards
  5. Team
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Creoteam is a game studio based in Kyiv, Ukraine. We like to evoke emotions. Triumph, sorrow, joy, compassion, excitement, surprise, pride, hope. We believe that feeling emotions makes our lives more interesting.


1. Collapse

Creoteam was founded in 2005 by industry veterans. They decided to make a story-driven symbiosis of hack ‘n’ slash and shooter set in a post-apocalyptic Ukraine. It was called Collapse.

Before release, the game won awards at the Russian GDC (Best game without publisher 2006 and Best Action 2008).

Collapse was released in 2008. The game garnered a lot of attention and people liked it. So Creoteam started working on Collapse 2. But 2008 was a year of a global crisis, the publisher had problems with money, and development was shut down.

2. Collapse: the Rage

In 2009, the publisher proposed to make an add-on to Collapse instead of the sequel. The developers continued the story of Collapse, and greatly improved gameplay. Collapse: the Rage was released in 2010.

This game also earned awards at the Russian GDC (Best Graphics 2009 and Best Game Design 2010).

Meanwhile, the team sought for ways to get its games launched worldwide. They found a big publisher and started porting Collapse to Xbox360 and PS3. The game was even announced at E3, but after some time the publisher decided to cancel porting. To make a living, Creoteam worked on an unannounced multiplatform title, which was cancelled after a year in development.

3. Football, Tactics & Glory

By the end of 2011, the team had shrunk to 3 people, the technical lead, animations lead, and creative director, so they decided to make something small but addictive. Andriy Kostiushko, the leader of Creoteam, had a dream to make a football management game which is “right.” Which gives feedback on all the player’s decisions, which does not overwhelm players with tons of useless spreadsheets, which allows developing a football team, and finally, which allows beating stronger opponents by using smart tactics. It was Football Tactics – a turn-based football management game.

The game was released for iOS in 2012 and was warmly received by the audience. After a year, it was shut down because supporting the game was more expensive than the team and mobile publisher could afford.

When the agreement with their mobile publisher ended, Creoteam continued working on Football Tactics. They felt the game isn’t even close to what they dreamed it to be. In spring 2015, the developers passed Steam Greenlight in just one month. And on June 1st, Football Tactics was released on Steam Early Access.

At the moment, the reviews are Very Positive. It has earned two awards: Best Desktop Game (DevGamm 2016) and People’s Choice (FreeGalaktus 2017). The developers are continuing to work on the game, listening to players and releasing big content updates.

In 2018, the game was renamed “Football, Tactics & Glory” to better capture the gaming experience.

Football, Tactics & Glory was launched on June 1st, 2018. 

On January 22 2020 the game was released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Europe. The game was ported by Raylight Games and published by Toplitz.

3.1 Football, Tactics & Glory: Football Stars

On November 12 2020 developers released a huge expansion Football, Tactics & Glory: Football Stars which added Giftedness, a lot of statistics, significantly improved transfers mechanics and many other features which improved the game in almost any aspect.  


Released Games


  • People’s Choice” – Football, Tactics & Glory – FreeGalaktus 2017
  • Best Desktop Game” – Football, Tactics & Glory – DevGamm Minsk 2016
  • “Best Game Design” – Collapse: the Rage – Russian GDC 2010
  • “Best Graphics” – Collapse: the Rage – Russian GDC 2009
  • “Best Action” – Collapse – Russian GDC 2008
  • “Best game without publisher” – Collapse – Russian GDC 2006


The team consists of 6 developers. They work separately from different Ukraine’s cities. However, their experience helps them work effectively because the processes and pipelines are built through the years of the development.

They build their games on their own engine which allows them to be fluent in what they want to achieve.

Core team:

Anton Shekhovtsov
Technical Director, 19 years experience, 9 released games.

Sergey Savyak
Lead Animator, 18 years experience, 8 released games.

Andriy Kostiushko
Creative Director, 14 years experience, 6 released games.



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